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Simon Kaplan is a United States-based French composer, music theorist and instructor. His oeuvre encompasses a diverse range of solo and chamber works, which have been premiered by esteemed performers across Europe, the United States and Japan. He presently serves at the University of North Texas as a teaching assistant and as a staff member of the Centre for Experimental Music and Intermedia.
In 2021, the young artist invented diahemitonicism, a pioneering quarter-tonal composition system which has become a defining feature of his musical style. His seminal article on this innovative system was published in Tempo by Cambridge University Press in October 2023.
The microtonalist earned his master's degree in composition from the Royal Flemish Conservatoire of Brussels in 2022, where he studied under Peter Swinnen. He furthered his academic pursuits in Claude Ledoux's class at the Royal Conservatoire of Mons, graduating in compositional didactics. Currently, Kaplan is pursuing doctoral studies in composition with a minor in music theory at the University of North Texas under the guidance of Kirsten Soriano. He expects to receive his Ph.D. in 2027.
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